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10 Surprising Items That Are Allowed As Carry-on Items (And 10 That Aren’t)

When you’re packing for a trip, the last thing you want to do is waste time and energy trying to figure out what you can and can’t bring on the plane. The TSA has a long list of items that are prohibited, but some of them may surprise you. We’ve compiled a list of 10 items that aren’t allowed on planes that might surprise you, as well as 10 items you are free to bring which are equally surprising.

We will be using the TSA guidelines as of November 2022 for reference.

And make to keep in mind that the final say on what is and isn’t allowed always rests with the TSA agents at the security checkpoints at your airport. An item might be on this list but still disallowed to pass through the checkpoint and there won’t be any recourse if your security officer won’t change their mind.

10 Surprising Things That Are Allowed To Carry-On

  1. Air Mattress With Pump: We can’t imagine doing it, but you can bring an full air mattress, complete with its pump, on an airplane as a carry-on item. Just don’t open it up and try to take a napkin the aisle.
  2. Antlers: No idea why this one is on the list, but you are totally good to fly with antlers as a carry-on item. Perhaps this is an allowance for hunters who are coming back from a trip? Hard to say!
  3. Baby Formula: Many people say that baby formula isn’t allowed on planes, but it most certainly is. There are a lot of rules about carrying on baby formula, but basically it’s fine to do so and it’s allowed to be expedited through security, so long as you have under 3.4 ounces (100 ml).
  4. Bowling Balls: You are free to carry on your bowling ball if you’d like. It’ll be heavy and potentially dangerous in the overhead, but it’s totally allowed. u’ll
  5. Bread Machine: According to the TSA you are free to fly with a bread machine. This item might be a completely inexplicable travel companion, but you are free to fly with one!
  6. Camp Stove: So long as it’s totally free of any combustible liquid, you can carry-on a camping store. You’d think anything designed for starting a fire would be an immediate no-go, but not a stove.
  7. Fidget Spinners: You’d think that the most annoying invention of the past 50 years would be disallowed as a carry-on item, but no you are free to bring fidget spinners of any form on an airplane.
  8. Knitting Needles: Giant pairs of needles seem like they would qualify as a form of weapon but apparently they don’t. They can get quite large, but apparently they aren’t a true threat.
  9. Lock Picks: This is a highly suspicious item to be flying with, but the TSA isn’t worry about them. You’ll probably be consider to be a locksmith not a master thief.
  10. Safety Matches: You are free to fly with up to one book of strike-anywhere matches. Who would have imagined matches were OK on a plane?

10 Surprising Things That Aren’t Allowed To Carry-On

  1. Alcohol That Is Over 140 Proof: You likely know that it’s allow to bring alcohol as a carry-on, but that’s mostly bottles of wine and tax-free whiskey. Any booze over 140 proof (70% ABV) is a fire hazard and can’t get on an airplane.
  2. Baseball Bat: Any thing that can be used as a “bludgeon” isn’t allow as a carry-on item. This includes a baseball bat. These have to go in your stowed suitcase!
  3. Bear Spray: If you are going hiking, you might want to bring some bear spray, but you’ll be unable to carry it on as bear spray is an aerosol and a potential weapon. They are also pretty large and may be over your liquid limit.
  4. CO2 cartridge: Despite there being CO2 cartridge in most airplane life vests, you can’t bring your own.
  5. English Christmas Crackers: These might sound like a type of salty treat, so why not allow them? Well Christmas Crackers are actually a type of holiday decoration that makes a popping sound when opened. They are very much prohibited as a carry-on, regardless of the season.
  6. Foam Toy Sword: In the eyes of the TSA a foam sword is still dangerous. Foam swords are not allowed as a carry-on item.
  7. Mallets: Tools are hit and miss for flying, but mallets are not allow despite them usually not being too large or too heavy.
  8. Pepper Spray: Despite being a popular keychain accessory and a self-defense item, you can’t carry- pepper spray or Mace on to a plane. You’ll have to check this item.
  9. Safety Razor: These might look like normal shaving equipment, but they have a razor blade that can be removed and is super sharp. You’ll want to keep these at home instead of losing your expensive razor at security.
  10. Snow Spikes: If you are going ice climbing you’ll need to stow your ice spikes. They are considering too dangerous to carry on, even if they are a type of sports equipment.

Closing Thoughts

The TSA has a long list of items that are prohibited from being brought onto airplanes . Some of these items might surprise you , so it’s always best to check before packing . To save you the headache , we’ve compiled a list of 10 items that aren’t allowed on planes . Now all you have to do is sit back , relax , and enjoy your flight .

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