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How To Add PreCheck To Delta Ahead Of Your Flight

If you have an upcoming Delta Airlines flight then you’ll want to add your PreCheck to your Delta account so that you get that PreCheck check on your boarding pass. But how do you do this?

PreCheck Every Time?

First of all, keep in mind that even if you have registered for PreCheck, you won’t get PreCheck every time you flight. PreCheck is something that you have on a per-flight basis, so you need to register with the airline and make sure that attempt get your PreCheck pre-clearance for each flight.

In order words, you can’t just assume you’ll have PreCheck in the way you can use Clear or Global Entry… you have to register with the airline.

While Booking

The easiest way to add your PreCheck do a Delta flight is by giving the airline your “Known Travel Number” when you are booking your flight. This will be one of the questions that they ask you in the middle of the process.

Keep in mind that Delta won’t ask for your “PreCheck Number” but rather they will ask for a “Known Traveler Number or Known Traveler ID during the booking process. If you add it now, you’ll be all set, but if you miss the question, don’t worry about it, you can add it later.

Add PreCheck Using The Delta App

One way to add PreCheck to your Delta Airlines account after booking a flight is with the Delta mobile phone app.

You will need to have an account with Delta Airlines. After that…

  • Open the mobile phone app
  • Go to the Account tab
  • Go to the Secure Flight Passenger Data tab

At this point you’ll either be able to add your data or you will be told to go to Delta.com in order to attach your Known Travel Number and other important data to your account.

Add PreCheck Using Delta.com

The easiest way to add your PreCheck ID to your account is on Delta.com.

  • Go to the homepage and login
  • Click your name then pick “Profile
  • Click “Secure Travel Info”
  • Click “Known Traveler #” and then enter your number
  • Hit Save

The main challenge will be finding that Profile page and then knowing one critical piece of information:

Your Known Traveler Number is your PreCheck number! We might think of it as the “PreCheck Number” but the government, and thus airlines, call it your KTN! This is the case because you can also use a Global Entry number as well as a TWIC ID, NEXUS, or other official identification numbers.

With that you should be all set with your next PreCheck.

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