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Where Can You Do A TSA PreCheck Enrollment In Person? [2022]

If you’d like to sign up for TSA PreCheck in person then you are likely searching for an enrollment center near you. It can be a little bit confusing to find the location nearest to you, but only because there is conflicting advice about where to go. This article is designed to be a helpful guide to finding your nearest TSA PreCheck enrollment location.

If you’ve chosen not to do a TSA PreCheck application online, and would prefer an in-person location, you’ll have many options, though this will depend your area. Most of the enrollment locations are centered in big cities, but everyone in the United States should have a few spots within driving distance as well as a close walk from public transportation.

Here are some places you can go and some sources where you can find large online lists of TSA PreCheck centers.

Remember, you can’t just show up! You need to start the application through the Universal Enrollment program’s web page.

TSA PreCheck In-Person Enrollment Location Finder

The best and most complete list for TSA Pre appointment locations is the DHS website’s Enrollment page. It has thousands of locations around the United States where you can do your interview. You can search their list by airport code, ZIP code, or city name.


Almost every commercial airport of any significant size will have an office where you can do your PreCheck interview.

Say you happen to be at Newark Liberty International Airport with some extra time. Stop byTerminal C, Level 1, Door 1 and you’ll find the EWR TSA PreCheck location. What could be more convenient?

Staples Stores

Most Staples office supply stores offer in-person TSA Pre sign-ups. The Staples PreCheck program is powered by IDEMIA, an identity technology company.

The process is very simple: go to Staples’ TSA page to find a participating store near you. Then go to the official DHS sign-up site to kick-off the process. When you are done with all the paperwork, go to the store and have your appointment to finalize the application.

IdentoGo Roadshows

PreCheck applications are also offered in-person using special “roadshow” trucks which are driving around the country and probably are stopping in your area. There is a map tool you can use to check the dates and locations where the roadshow will be stopping.

Some of these roadshows will take place as pop-ups which are also temporary locations where you can go and have your PreCheck appointment. These are appearing at seeming random places, but also in AAA locations and a some hotel parking lots, including a few Courtyard Marriotts.

H&R Block Stores

Some, but not all H&R Block accounting offices have offered TSA PreCheck interviews with an appointment. This program was a limited time at some venues, so make sure to call ahead first and confirm your H&R Block is doing appointments.

Department of Motor Vehicles Locations

If you have a DMV location near you, you’ll be happy to learn that most offer TSA interviews. Most people can’t stand going to the DMV and want to spend as little time as possible in one, but if have to go it might be nice to kill two birds with one stone.


Can you do a walk-in TSA Pre-Check interview with no appointment?

No, a PreCheck interview appointment is required. The program requires you to make an appointment online, even if you are at or near a known enrollment center.

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